Excellence and Teamwork

Leadership and Integrity

Welcome to Mojek Resources

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Welcome to Mojek Resources

Established in 2014, Mojek Resources is a responsible Oil & Gas producer in Western Canada committed to creating shareholder value through disciplined capital strategies and operational excellence.


Our Vision is to be a World-class company recognized for value creation from energy resources and other selected businesses through cost effective innovative techniques, prudent risk management and sound fiscal management.


Mojek is built on our core values, which distinguishes us and guide our actions. We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards applying innovative and creative technologies to our operations.

Core Values

Excellence, innovation, integrity, social consciousness, leadership, collaboration, and respect for the environment.

Excellence and Teamwork

Our Team

Mojek is unrelenting in the pursuit of excellence knowing that it is a necessity in sustaining the vision of being a top-tier performing company. Our team excels in its technical expertise and our relationships with clients and every stakeholder. We support continuous learning and in providing team members with the resources to develop and succeed individually and as a team.

Leadership & Integrity

Mojek employees collectively own and live by the company’s Vision, Mission, Values and High standards of Professionalism. Whether inside the company or outside the company, embracing honesty and integrity in everything we do is our most important value.

Innovation and Adaptability

Mojek embraces continuous improvement and change. Every day is a new opportunity to do things better than the day before and to challenge each other to reach higher. Further, our adaptability is essential in creative solutions for any situation.

Commitment & Collaboration

Our dedicated team will do whatever it takes to ensure the successful delivery of a project. Mojek creates an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration, ensuring a better organization, providing more fulfillments for employees, significantly reduce bureaucracy and dramatically improve results.

Project Management Approach

Our project management approach allows for appropriate forecasting of timelines and costs, change management, innovative data storage, quality assurance, and effective reporting.

Social Consciousness & Respect for the Environment

Mojek ensures that their operations do not have a negative impact on the environment and on the community. It is a world we share. It helps when there is mutual respect. We will always step up.

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Head Office: Calgary, Alberta
Suite 3300, 205 5th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 2T7

Phone Direct: 403.705.4324


Fax: 403.264.1262

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