Health and Safety

Developing an oil and gas business to produce and sell a product in a competitive environment requires the highest standards of safety, good governance and transparency when dealing with all stakeholders.

Mojek aims to create long-term value for our stakeholders and benefits for the communities in which we operate, by adhering to these principles.

We are committed to the highest levels of quality in all its activities and to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved with, or who could be affected by our activities. We have strict operating processes that seek to limit risk in the work place, and we review these on an annual basis, in line with industry standards.

Mojek is committed to protecting the environment through preventing or minimising any adverse environmental impacts of our activities. We take positive steps to address the potential environmental impacts of our operations, which are determined by our Management Team and delivered by our operational employees.

We are committed to achieving continual improvement in our environmental performance and regard compliance with the relevant laws and regulations as a minimum standard. In order to prevent pollution where possible, we work with our employees, contractors and suppliers to identify and manage the environmental impacts of our activities.

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