Myers Agamini – President and CEO

Myers Agamini brings with him 26+ years of exceptional upstream petroleum engineering, project management, reservoir simulation, reservoir engineering, asset management, production optimization and leadership experience. Myers has led teams, in field development, major capital projects, production & reserves optimization in various operating environments including, conventional light oil and gas, SAGD, Heavy Oil, steamflood, waterflood, Gas and Gas Condensate in Offshore and Onshore setting in African, Europe, Canada and the United States with Chevron Corporation. Myers is a solution driven and result oriented individual who is prudent in the management of people, technology and processes. He is an executive with outstanding out of the box creative skills. Myers has personally being credited with the discovery of the two stage depletion approach (SPE 89755 and SPE 88914) commonly applied in saturated reservoirs worldwide to increase ultimate recovery and production rate. Myers has proven and demonstrated ability to manage budgets in excess of $1 billion; align technology strategy with corporate strategy; set business and group goals; and lead large teams to achieve project goals and exceed set goals and expectations.

Jane Eruchalu, EVP Productions and Operations

Jane Eruchalu is currently the Executive VP - Production & Operations of MOJEK Resources Inc. Jane Eruchalu is a versatile professional Petroleum Engineer with 20years experience in oil and gas operations in Nigeria, Norway, Netherlands and Canada. Her areas of expertise include; exploitation, production, reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, Long range reservoir management planning, Full field infill well development and thermal recovery processes such as SAGD, CSS and CHOPs. She spent 13 years of her experience in heavy oil and oil sands development project for Canadian natural resources, Statoil Canada and Husky Energy limited. Jane is a high energy, solution driven, result oriented individual and has participated in several project decision review and peer reviews as subject matter expert on various technologies. She has co- authored a patent on Electrical Heater cable for SAGD start up at Husky Energy limited. Of significance is her proven ability to manage the day to day operational responsibility of 250 CSS wells and 6 SAGD well pairs with CNRL and Statoil. She supervised and coordinated several field trials such as continuous sand monitoring project for early intervention of sand production and multiphase flow meter. She has worked on several enhanced start up processes such as NCG co-injection, Solvent injection, electric heater Technologies for SAGD.

Ola Kehinde, EVP Assets and Acquisitions

Ola Kehinde brings with him a 27-years, unique track record in oil/gas assets development, reservoir management, project management, assets valuation, and divestments and acquisitions with exceptional performance records in Nigeria, United States, Venezuela and Canada. Ola has held management positions with Chevron Upstream and Gas in Venezuela and Nigeria where he led technical /project teams responsible for exploitation of 8-degree API extra heavy oil in East Venezuela, and led the asset team responsible for legacy, mature water flood assets in Chevron Nigeria’s operations. Ola brings a breadth of international upstream experience and is recognized as hands-on manager and leader thinker who achieves outstanding results by identifying key goal-inhibiting constraints and mobilizing resources to achieve success. He has exceptional people skills, very skilled in building strong teams, and has demonstrated consistent peak performance with sterling recognitions, awards and promotions.

Emmanuel Nwachukwu, EVP Drilling Completions and Logistics.

Emmanuel Nwachukwu brings with him over 30 years’ experience in the upstream sector of the petroleum industry, with a vast knowledge in Drilling, Completion, Logistics, and Materials Management- a great team leader with a track record of leadership skills. Emmanuel has played leadership roles both in Offshore, Swamp and Onshore drilling and Completion operations.


Advisory Support provided by Lawrence Ogbonnah Professional Corporation, an independent Alberta CPA Licenced Firm with deep experience in oil and gas finance.